Sunday, 22 July 2012

Undiscovered Creatures collection

Just as we were all beginning to think summer was not going to happen, the sun has finally come out! I will try my best not to be a true Brit and complain that I am too hot ( but i am a little bit too hot).
 Anyway the arrival of the sun has cheered me up no end and dragged me from my 'its always raining' depression, so with a new zest for life I would like to introduce you properly to the first in my 'Undiscovered Creatures' collection, 'Oh my Beautiful Dear'

And these gorgeous gals are available to purchase from either my Etsy store or my Dawanda store ( I like to give you options) so go go go as these beauties wont hang around for long, and don't forget I am still having a sale on my Etsy store so grab a 'Dear' and a bargain then pour yourself a Pimms and head out in the sun before it goes away again xx

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