Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Ok, i haven't blogged in ages because.....
I attempted to set up a mail chimp account for my newsletters, it's easy peasy apparently and I can link it to my blog so when I blog it sends out a super newsletter?!
Well unfortunately mail chimp are unaware of my complete ineptness when confronted with the computer and 'needles' to say (ha ha) i well and truly 'stuffed' it up  (i get funnier) .
So as a result of this I haven't blogged as I am terrified what the newsletter will look like..... so if you are receiving this as a newsletter and it makes no sense and looks awful I AM REALLY REALLY SORRY but these hands are meant for sewing and not computering? 
Please do let me know if you get a scrambled looking newsletter as a result of this blog ( or if by some christmas miracle it looks amazing).

Unable to do anything on a computer.com

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