Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Some dates for your diary ( and mine)

I have gone from blogaphobic to excessive blogging in a blink of an eye ( apologies again if you are receiving an awful newsletter as a result of this bloging binge).

So exciting news and dates for your diary....

The lovely Zoe Larkins of 'Love from Hetty and Dave' http://lovefromhettyanddave.co.uk/ 
Has asked little old me to do her christmas window!!! Yikes, probably the best thing I have been asked to do thus far.
Her gorgeous shop is situated at 864 Christchurch Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth, England and from Thursday 22nd November 2012 late night shopping begins and the cat in the shoes christmas window will be unveiled!! Hurrah so come and say hello and enjoy some gorgeous crafty vintage shopping.

Saturday 1st December 2012 from 10am - 4pm I will be selling all my goodies plus some festive treats at Boscombe Vintage Market

Sunday 2nd December 2012 I am going to be selling at  'A most curious kids fair' at York hall in Bethnal Green London from 10.30am - 4.30pm

Saturday 15th December 2012 from 10am -4pm an extra super duper Christmassy Boscombe Vintage Market

 Right then pop that lovely lot in your diaries and come and say hello, also don't forget I accept commissions and if you have seen something I have made and can't find it on my Etsy store then just get in touch  xxx

Oh and have I mentioned its nearly CHRISTMAS .....xx 

Right back to the sewing machine as it appears I have a lot to do . 


  1. I would love to have outfit like that...my daughter would be so happy if her mother looked like a Christmas tree :) Where can I buy your products?

  2. I did contemplate making a giant suit like that myself. All my work is available to purchase on etsy. XX. etsy.com/thecatintheshoe