Friday, 1 February 2013

Has it really been that long?

Oh cripes I have just seen how long it has been since my last blog!
In my defence i have been very very busy and have been updating my facebook page......( that's a not so subtle hint to go on their and like it and stuff)

I have been making commissions like nobodies business and then just as that calmed down people seemed to go a little bit 'bonkers' about 'My Dear Heads'.
here are some pics of this months work...

And as if i haven't been busy enough I have been making for tomorrows Boscombe Vintage Market in the Royal Arcade from 10am - 4pm you should come along and treat a loved one or yourself to a cat in the shoe Creature! It's Valentines soon you know!xx


  1. WOW! Your work just gets better and better! LOVE it!

  2. I love the mounted creature heads....they aren't on etsy though...will you be putting them on there soon? (I hope so)

  3. Hello. The mounted heads are available via direct email I am hoping to get them on etsy by Monday if although they are selling fast xx

  4. Oh so are a star in the making!
    Daisy j x

  5. hi recently Idescover you, great creatures and all, carry you to my blog and follow your Face, obviuosly, Paulina Taller Muy Freak

  6. c'est super joli par ici.....
    je reviendrais !