Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm gonna say it........ Christmas??!!!!

I know its October, and weirdly warm and not at all festive. But here at cat in the shoe HQ it is a full on Christmas making Frenzy!!

Bearing in mind I received Christmas orders as far back as June it has basically never actually stopped being Christmas here.
I do love Christmas though so this is not a moaning about Christmas blog from me, I might even of had a few mince pies already and possibly purchased some reindeer pjs? Thats all right though, right? I mean I am making Christmas stock so probably best to get into the 'mind set'.

So as this is a truly festive blog here are some pictures of the latest 'cat in the shoe' Christmas creation.

An edition of only 10 to be made this year, some lovely hand made Angels.

A selection of 3 will be on Etsy this evening at 7.30pm gmt (Saturday 18th October 2014). Etsy store

I will be taking 2 with me to an Etsy Sponsored Christmas Craft Market on Saturday 6th December here in Dorset England 

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