Thursday, 20 November 2014

An owl in a waistcoat of course....

I work a lot to commission and I am lucky enough to be able to choose the pieces I want to make and pretty much get free rein with the design of the piece, That makes me pretty spoilt I know.

Every once in a while a commission comes along that not only stretches my skills but also inspires me and makes me not want to give it away.

This piece is one of those.


  1. Hi there,
    I was extremely lucky to be the recipient of this amazing commission for my Christmas present. My lovely husband had collaborated with my equally marvellous friend (and who shares my penchant for the weird and wonderful!) who I’m told then kept in contact with you. Although I’m trying desperately not to sound too gushy, I absolutely love your work and was already the proud owner of a Christmas angel plus others. I have to say though, whilst I’m glad that this piece stretched and inspired you, I’m even happier that you managed to let him go or Christmas might not have been quite so squeally or excitable! Thank you, I absolutely love him - Mr Irvine Finklestein (for that is his name..) seems to be settling in nicely! :-)

    1. I am soo pleased that you are happy with him! He is without doubt one of my most favourite pieces! Glad he helped make your Christmas extra special xxx