Friday, 16 October 2015

How to keep up with a blog?

I would love to know how all you bloggers keep up with this? I had made a promise to myself and you I think? to blog weekly in fact sometimes even more than once a week. It appears to actually of been over four weeks since my last blog and this is not because I haven't been busy, I have in fact  been so busy that blogging has not happened! So ultimately its not my fault, right?

So what have I been doing then that has kept me too busy to write a blog or two?....... well I have been working on a collection for an exciting Exhibition at the prestigious Walford Mill.....

I have also been sewing away a christmas collection that will be for sale on Etsy on the 7th of November....

I also made a limited edition of 6 Queen of hearts Christmas decorations

so there you go.... until next time ( hopefully not 4 weeks)

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