Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy 2016

So its January 2016, the 20th to be precise, I'm not sure where Christmas went, but it is indeed over and it is time to get back at it!

As I nod goodbye to the festive season I will share a piece with you that I made for my mum and dad. A rather large pigeon got stuck in their chimney mid way through last year and left it's sooty trail across the ceiling during its escape. Anyway to celebrate this highly amusing event (to me anyway) I made a memento to commemorate the event. And here he is in all his glory... they did see the funny side in the end...

My order books are now open for 2016 and filling up nicely but you still have a little time before I close them again. If you would like a Cat in the shoe original piece please do contact me via

January has brought with it a bought of larangitus for the OH, a stinking cold and worryingly sore throat for me and a very very snotty nose for the 5 year old. It also attempted to kill off 'The Beast' my ancient industrial Singer, so it has been a trying year so far.

'The Beast' has survived despite Januarys efforts and after a few repairs and a large bill it is back in the studio.

Plans for shows and events this year are still in the pipeline so in the mean time I thought I would share with you my first commission of the year which is off to the States to welcome a new life into the world....

Do not let January get you down, there is always Wine.

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