Thursday, 24 March 2016

Website & the mysteries of the domain

I have become a tech genius over the past few days....(hysterical laughter).

In all seriousness I have been busy very slowly building my website, this is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you believe me.

 Apparently my website should be live in the next week, now what this means for this blog is a bit of a mystery for me as my domain will apply to my website, So what happens to this blog? where does it go? How does anyone find it? How do I find it?

For everyone that follows my blog please visit in the next week or so and you should find yourself on a shiny new Website where you can sign up to my mailing list, read recent blogs about what I have been up to and news on where I am going to be selling and exhibiting next, oh and a huge gallery of images of past and present pieces and links to shops and tweets and pins and what I ate for lunch (not that one).

But its pretty exciting stuff.

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