Saturday, 25 July 2015

A new blog...

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Finally I am on the computer and properly looking at my 'online presence' and its pretty obvious, even to computer phobic me that this blog has been neglected and un-loved.

So I have sorted out some widgets? and thingymigegs and voila, a new blog that works!! Huzzah!!

So lets treat this post as if it was my first.

 Hello, I'm Lucy and I make creatures from textiles.

What else is there? Well I live by the sea in sunny Dorset ( Ha, sometimes sunny, it is England after all) . I am a mum which still sounds very grown up ( I'm not) my son is nearly 5 ( terrifying).

We live with the OH who has a giant beard and is an illustrator and tattoo artist in training. We are hoarders I think but in a very clean OCD organised way, but this 2 bed flat may well be busting at the seems with our weird collection of things and books, I LOVE BOOKS, obsessively. 

I have recently found out that I have Coeliacs disease, ugh, but after a good few years of feeling awful most of the time, an answer is an answer, so I am adjusting. The 'Deliciously Ella' cookbook from the inspirational Ella Woodward is a massive help ( although I still eat meat and drink wine, don't tell her). I run on the beach every other day, work and small child permitting and I listen to 6music whilst I work..blah blah blah..

I have been sewing for a good few years now and I am completely self taught, I seem to remembering thinking textiles was rubbish at school? and wanting to be a photographer. I studied fine art and photography at Degree level and well, that didn't exactly work out for me so I got a serious job and moved to London and then had no job again so I started to sew and realised I could do this and actually really loved it. My Dear Nan who we lost a few years ago ( not in a shop or anything, I mean moved on, left this earth etc) was a seamstress and a knitter and was always sewing. She would go round the shops and see a dress and think gosh thats lovely and then she would nip to the fabric shop and voila it was made, everything she had was hand made or found in a charity shop and recreated. So I suppose in the end I took after my Nan Phyllis who I miss, and while I know she was not always impressed with my technical skill she loved that I was making things too.

My mum is a printmaker and art obsessed ( she knows a lot, I mean A LOT about art), she is also a book collector, so it was probably inevitable that I would find my way creatively in the end. 

My textile pieces are based mostly on whimsy and imagination, animals that can talk or who have a story to tell, they can be  humorous too, a stag in some pants for example is one of my favourite silly ideas that had to be made. But mostly they are re-creations from something old, a forgotten garment in a charity shop, a scrap of lace, an off cut of fabric - to me these can become a creature, a curiosity. Something new from something old, 'make do and mend' and all that. Its how my brain works ( after coffee).

Currently I am working on a collection for the Nourish Festival at Bovey Tracey in Devon on the 5th September and I am obsessively making birds, its a bit out of control really but I am loving making the birds.

As this is a blog about my work I guess really I should show you some, so here are a few of my latest pieces. And I have now committed to THE BLOG so I will blog again, in a week or sooner but no later!

 This was commission piece for a lady in France who wanted a bird in a bird cage.

It has a music box movement attached and plays the tune from 'Amelie'. This began the obsession with bird making.

this a large bird piece on a wall hanging, made from leather scraps, hand stitched feathers individually cut.

... thats it for now....


  1. Hoorah! so nice to see you blogging again!!!
    Daisy j xxx

  2. Thank you lady. I figured it was about time I sorted it out!