Friday, 21 August 2015

The Pox happened

I was being very productive and sticking to my '1 blog a week' rule until.... a tiny blister appeared on my sons neck, it was very small but then it had a blister friend, and then another and another and another and then it brought with it a god awful temperature and a very bad mood and tadahhh the Chicken Pox had arrived which = no play school for the poorly bear and no work for mummy.
In-fact it meant not much of anything except lego building, film watching, hugging, trying not to get cross when sleep was taken away from me and a trip the Drs. Oh and a stinky cold for me!
My review of the Chicken Pox is that it sucks and it has the worst possible timing considering I have Nourish Festival in 2 weeks and as always I am running behind ( I have the worst time management skills, in fact Time keeping in general is a major issue for me).

Anyway I did in-between manage some work and the little monster is all better now and back at play school for the next week until he starts real School!!! But that's a whole other blog topic right there...

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  1. Love all your Christmas tree doll arrived safe and sound, and is on display already..(will be all year through)